About Us


The Food Truck

Owning one’s own restaurant is a dream that can be very difficult to obtain, but the food truck industry has sprung forth to fill an important niche to such a dream. Our mobile kitchen-on-wheels allows us to bring the food to our customers and grill up our flavorful dishes on the spot. Even challenges like a small kitchen and lack of storage space, which can be an obstacle for most proprietors, are utilized to benefit the customers who have come to expect quick and inexpensive meals made from scratch. Perhaps more importantly, the truck allows you, the dining public, to reconnect with the actual chefs who cook their food.


The RiceWorks food truck rolled out into the streets of Boise at a time when the local street food scene was comprised almost entirely of taco trucks; but in lieu of carne asada tacos, the truck offered familiar Asian dishes at affordable prices and added convenience. The mix of authentic flavors and fresh ingredients quickly drew a following, and the truck was soon turning a profit. Not content to simply make better versions of popular dishes, we began to experiment with Asian fusion cuisine; further broadening our horizon through creations of enticing and exotic flavors. In the following years, we begin to find our place in the ever-growing local food scene by committing to quality dishes, fresh ingredients, and creative twists.


The Food

In terms of traditional eats, egg rolls have become unquestionably RiceWorks’ signature dish. Originating from an old family recipe, these egg rolls were the first item to make it on the menu.  The egg rolls are always cooked to order, served fresh and piping hot, the ingredients incredibly flavorful and balanced, and rolled in a dee-rish-ish-ly thin and crunchy wrapper.  Sweet or spicy dipping sauces, both homemade, are offered to take things to the next level.

The Spicy Korean Tacos started as a dish that some were initially cautious about, but has easily become one of our most famous fusion creations.  The dish begins with perfectly marinated chicken and is combined with cucumber kimchi, wrapped in griddled tortillas, and topped with Sriracha and sesame seeds…Insanely addictive and yes, they are spicy.

The Chefs


Watch the people preparing your food, and it will quickly become apparent why the grub is so good.  The chefs are fun, friendly, and have energy to spare.  They set their own high standards; testing and refining new items until the end result is something they would happily eat themselves. The chefs will not only make sure that the food is good, but also aim to make sure the experience is something to remember.

The Now

After years of defying expectations and extending boundaries, we found ourselves ready to take the next step; a second brick-and-mortar set-up. Our store in The Village at Meridian, the Meridian's thriving landmark retail destination, has already proven to us that we belong in the restaurant industry. We now plan to open our largest store yet in Kuna, ID located where Enrique’s Mexican restaurant was. With about a 15x larger kitchen than our Meridian location, our menu is sure to translate into a wider array of menu offerings and even more new and out-of-the-box innovations. Be sure to come experience the amazing classic and contemporary Asian fusion cuisine that so many already know and love!